Many of you have been begging for a long time that we update our ageing classifieds system for parts, wheels, tires, etc. Well, the day has finally come. :-)

Here are some of the key features we've added to the new system.

It's FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!!!!!
All car brands not just BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, etc. Now you have a place to sell the used spark plugs from your '77 Chevette ;-)
Section to sell your TVs, tools, and other stuff to fellow Roadflyers avoiding the eBay scammers.
Super fast and easy to place an ad. It takes less than a minute to list something for sale.
Pictures are free. Yay! Place upto 4 pictures in your ad for FREE.
RSS fees of ads are now available. Get live updates!
Ads are sorted by city and location so you can find parts near you and save on shipping. Dealing locally is also cuts out most fraud.
You can easily view all ads by a given member.
You know longer need to be a member to place an ad.
Easy "share this ad" system which generates code for you.
Cookie problems, upload problems, etc. have all been fixed.

and plenty more fixes.

Did I mention it's free? No more paying ridiculously high eBay fees and being exposed to all the eBay scammers.

If you need help please post help requests in the help desk forum.