BMW DAY - Cars & Coffee Car Show Saturday November 18th
On Saturday November 18th BMW will be the featured marquee at the Weekly Cars & Coffee Gathering. Previously known as Crystal Cove, the show is now held at the Ford PAG Headquarters in Irvine Spectrum.
Thank you all for your replies. The Vintage section has now been filled and we are in contact with those 59 owners in the featured marquee corral. We have received a number of questions about other BMWs attending. Clearly, we are strongly encouraging you to bring your BMW and display it in the area immediately adjacent to the corral. Once you are in the lot, head toward the back of the main lot so we can park together. We want the strongest possible turnout of all BMW products.
There will be plenty of adjacent parking for all others who wish to join the group. If you want to display your car, arrive early (by 6:45 AM) and park with the BMW group area mentioned above. Starbucks coffee and muffins are served on site.
The show runs from 7:00AM to 9:00AM. We always see plenty of BMW's, but this Saturday we would like to see many more!

If you are not sure you want to get up at some ridiculous hour and need a strong reason, consider what you will miss. When was the last time you saw a 502, a 327 or an M1 Group 5. You will see 12 E9s, 12 2002s, 12 E24s, 10 E30 M3s and a many special interest cars. Paul Cains 3002 twin turbo will be next to Martin Charles Factory 2002 Turbo. Compare the E24 M6 with the E24 Alpina B10. Not to be missed is the famous E30 M3 bubble car, several M3 race cars.

If you have not been to this show previously, its unique, highly informal and free to all. It is over in two hours and is family friendly, dogs too. Every week is different; however, there are always incredible European and muscle cars on display. Typically 200 - 400 cars besides the BMWs. It is worth getting up early!!!

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Please join us on the 18th in Irvine.

Tom Rakestraw
Paul Cain