Just an update for the few who bothered...

Not yet divorced, but we did settle on property. I'll be moving back into my Highland home within the next 2-3 weeks. She gets the PS business and office. The high Desert property will remain in our names and held for the kids.

I did end up buying a Cal 28 sailboat and have it in a slip in Long Beach. had purchased it to live aboard in the event I didn't get the house. So... I'm dropping about $3K into it and it will be THE weekend getaway (IE Greg/GeezTech welcome to it).

Cancelled the ex GF (nurse). She moved back to Georgia. New GF is THE bomb and sweetest thing ever. She'll reside with me and we'll get that Highland house showcase again.

The 86 still sits in the garage. This time I WILL have it painted as the place is all mine. All mine. No one saying no.

Still have some personal, professional, and legal matters to attend to, but that's progress. Right now looking for a business to purchase (with an associate of mine). Thinking Sports Bar, pipe and tobacco shop, women's gym, mailbox type biz, maybe even a franchised sandwich shop.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving. It will be nice for me.