I am placing an order for my 1st BMW on monday:

650i conv, mineral silver, cream beige pearl leather, black top, sport pkg, logic 7, comfort access, heated seats, AUTO

I will be replacing a Maserati Coupe Cambiacorsa (like SMG). I have enjoyed the cambiacorsa and understand that the SMG is a better sequential then the Mas/Ferrari magnetti-marelli unit. I was surprised to see that the specs for the SMG are only slighly quicker then the auto, and gets worse gas mileage (gas guzzler tax).

Should I order the SMG instead of the auto? I'm thinking no. Any cooments would be appreciated.

A few other less urgent questions:

Any info on Pearl leather?

With the logic 7 and cd player, is there and aux for an i-pod, if I dont want to swap out the cd player for the i-pod unit?

BTW I did not like the active steering (less road feel), nor the HUD (found it distacting)

Marc in So Pas, CA