No, it wasn't in my ///M5, but, I sure wish it was.
Last week, my wife and I drove our rented car (an Opel) from Salzburg, Austria, to Frankfurt, Germany at the end of our vacation.
I've never driven on the Autobahn before, so, I was looking forward to it. It was the most glorious driving experience I've ever had. I averaged around 160kph for hours, with no drama, no fear, and no idiots. I didn't feel comfortable cruising any faster, since the little 1.9 liter 4-banger was working kind of hard. And, the car wasn't mine, you know?
The drive through Austria was breathtaking while I was flying through the Austrian valleys. We then cruised into the gently rolling German farmland where things got even faster. My wife was never nervous. She napped, or read, or just watched the scenery fly by. What impressed me the most, was no one, I mean NO ONE, passed me on the right, or tailgated me or did anything to make me nervous, during the entire trip. Everyone minded their manners.
Most of the cars flying by me (always on the left, without exception) were midsize Bimmer's, Merc's, Audi's and the odd VW sedan. Then, every once in a while, a big German UBER-sedan would absolutely BLOW by me. I swear I could feel the earth move when they went by. They had to be travelling around 250kph I think. I could see them come up to passing traffic in the left lane. They would hit the brakes, wait until the other driver moved over, which they always did, and then lit the afterburners and disappeared.
It was wonderful. Ohhhh... to be wealthy and German. Sigh.....
The only negative? Fuel, whether petrol or diesel, is expensive. Ouch. Now, vacation is over, and I'm back in my traffic clogged, hell-hole we call Atlanta, Georgia. Ugh.....
If you have never done it, rent a car and try it some time. It's quite a revelation. Happy motoring.