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    Performance Package-$490/$599/$681 Wait a minute

    I called two dealers for prices on the Performance Package and read the European Bulletin when the package was just released. The Bulletin stated the part price at 371.20 Euros or $489.95. In South Florida, where I current have the Z8, one dealer wants $599 and the other wants $681. Then there is the 8.5 hours of estimated labor costs. Since I bought the car from a different dealer than the one who services it, I don't expect to see the dealer comp this. So I am looking at a cost of at least $1500 to install this "option"????

    But wait a minute. Am I missing something here? I have attached the original posting to BMW owners from BMW Customer Service. Although they state there is nothing wrong with the car, they created the kit to "counteract potential body deformation". So they are basically saying to me that if I don't have the kit, there is a potential for body deformation. Yet, the fix is at my option? So I have the option of having body deformation since I chose not to order the "non-body deformation option"? This makes no sense to me. BMW is admitting a potential for body deformation but will not fix their top of the line vehicles at thier expense. Instead we should drive around with deformed Z8's to advertize BMW quality and workmanship??? Maybe they shouldn't have spent the money on the driving school and fixed our cars instead. Obviously the purpose of the driving school was to interest their best customers to buy more BMW's. I have purchased 5 BMW's since I bought my Z8. I am totally annoyed at the prospect of spending $1500 to repair a structural problem in the car that the manufacturer should be responsible for fixing.

    Has anyone considered a class action suit to have BMW cover the cost of these repairs?

    Dear Z8 Owners,

    In the past few months you may or may not have been following the Internet chatter concerning a perceived issue surrounding the structural frame of the BMW Z8. In order to address and allay your possible concerns, I wanted to provide the following comprehensive update.

    The Z8 structural foundation is an aluminum space frame. The advantages are plentiful.

    • A space frame, with a central structural tunnel element, is especially suitable for an open-bodied car like the Z8 because it gives optimum structural rigidity.

    • Aluminum construction saves significant weight compared to steel.

    • Careful, targeted design of the space frame helped BMW engineers achieve not only high rigidity for precise handling and a quality driving feel, but also the energy management that promotes crash safety.

    During the development stage the BMW Z8 underwent the complete program of tests that accompany a new model. These included testing on the Nordschleife (North Loop) of the Nürburgring, as well as driving over bumps and obstacles. We are pleased to say the Z8 successfully passed everything without exception.

    Due to recent concerns from some of our customers, we once again have tested and inspected several Z8’s. Our investigation again has shown that the stiffness of the Z8 body fully meets the proven BMW Standards. Slight distortions that are being discussed have no effect on driving safety and drivability. If a customer feels uncertain about the condition of their Z8, we recommend a tracking alignment check that will establish if the car is still in line with specifications.

    Due to customer demand, a performance package is being developed should a customer desire to enhance their Z8 to increase the stiffness in the front end to counteract potential body deformation. The performance package is in the development phase and we expect to have it available as part of the accessory line up this summer. The package will not enhance the vehicle capability.

    Your local BMW center and Customer Relations are here to help if you should have any concerns with your Z8. If there are any questions please feel free to call us at (800) 831-1117.

    BMW has always taken customers requests and concerns to heart. We are always open to your feedback and ready to answer any questions you may have about this or any other issue with your BMW. Thank you for your patience and your confidence in BMW now and in the future.

    We wish you continued driving pleasure in your Z8!

    Nina Englert
    Manager, Customer Relations and Services

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    Re: Wondered same thing(s)

    My service shop foreman called this weekend and said he can get a frame package. Quoted parts at $600, but no idea re labor or hours. He's checking and will let me know.
    Base case, he has always said the upgrade is not needed and of no long term use for cars in normal, road service.
    He loves Z8's and really knows the cars well and I tend to trust him. I'm not sure what I'll do yet, whereas I drive the car fairly easily. No tracking or known poor roads.
    Re the BMW stories....like many of us, I've heard/read them all, including the customer service calls from BMWNA. It really stinks how they continue to handle this whole issue. Especially for customers who own multiple BMW's. My plans to pick up an M6 have gone on hold as I consider how BMW is dealing with this situation.

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    As for BMWs handling of things lately,

    • No they have never owned up to the real problem
    • I know for a fact that normal driving, and unforseen road imperfections can cause damage
    • BMW has been VERY accomodating to multiple BMW owners, by fixing many small, and some large issues, even when the car is out of warrantee.

    So, all in all, I'm satisfed that they engineered a fix, even if they won't admit that's what it is.

    And I am thankful for their service lately on other related matters. We'll see as time passes.2001 Black/Crema

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