I am looking for a 2003 M5 in Gray or Le Mans Blue, with 2-tone gray or Blue/Gray/Black interior. I have noticed 2 such cars (both blue) online which interest me. However, I noticed that the blue center portion of the seats (at least in the rear) appear to be different between the 2 cars. Both cars are Blue/Black 2-tone. One car has the blue in the center with a blue arch at the top (curved). The other car has blue in the center but it appears in the lousy photo that the top of the blue part is straight across, not arched. Is this possible? Were there actually 2 patterns of the 2-tone available?

<font color="gray">Jeff<br>97 540i/6<br>Aspen Silver</font>
<img src="http://www.microdisk.com/images/BMW/97bmw540i6.jpg" height=120 width=160>