I just had the most unbelievable experience. I truly am amazed how whacked-out some people can be! Thank g-d I got my money back.

I took in four wheels to be refinished. $70 each. These were new, never used. I was having the centers painted with the lips remaining machined. Simple, right?

Wrong! They painted the centers without etching the rim or removing the previous layer of clear coat. I literally could peel off the paint with my finger nail. Additionally, they only clear coated the centers and not the lip. So, the ridge or lip of paint could be scratched off with you finger nail too. I was shocked!

We were obviously not communicating. They were VERY defenisive at first accusing me of damaging the paint and telling me they are not going to fix it. I was able to discuss this professionally with them even though I was shocked. The rims sat in my garage for four days and bubbles started coming up. You touched them and the paint fell right off.

In the end, they could not figure out how to do it correctly, so they gave me my money back. I took them to a well known powder coating shop in Nashville that customizes choppers. I think these guys will get it right. So, the moral here is stay away from Hub-Cap Annie!.