Has anyone experienced the recall to replace a 650 TCU? My car has been in the shop for two weeks waiting for a new TCU. Dealer indicates BMW has not provided a delivery date for the new TCU. The delivery date could be two more weeks or more. It appears that BMW did a recall without replacement parts being available. I called BMWNA and the person that took my call did nothing more than call the dealer and confirm that the dealer did not have a delivery date for the TCU. BMWNA did not provide any support. It appears that the TCU recall will be a significant issue for the 650 and other series cars. It also appears that BMW is very short on replacement TCUs and may not have any at all. If you get a recall for the TCU make sure there is a replacement available before you take your car in for the recall. The 650 is a great car but BMW has not provided their normal level of support for this recall.