I live in Indianapolis, but drove my Z8 out to San Francisco this past September. I drove the car down to Orange County in San Clemente this past week where I think I will keep it for at least until the summer.

I would like to know where members would take their cars as mine is past its warranty.

I need at least rear tires...will probably replace the set and am looking at PS2's. I think I would use TireRack and would want to find a very good outfit to mount them, road force balance, align etc.

I also think either I have a front right bearing problem ( a little vibration) and want to have the car checked and repaired. I used to drive my car from Indianapolis to Cincinnati because the BMW Store their was just fantastic.

Is the dealer in Irvine a place for what I want done? Is it a place to develope a relationship, or is their a really good independent that will give me more personal and caring service?


Thank you,

Tom Doherty

p.s. --- I was fortunate to attend a Fisker Event in LA thursday. Mr. Fisker is quite the gentleman...the cars are gorgeous and the house that they hosted it in was stunning.