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    Things I look forward to in the 07' F1 season

    1. Kimi Raikkonen driving circles around Massa;
    2. Kovalanien driving circles around Fisi;
    3. Lewis Hamilton painfully demonstrating how hard it is to succeed in F1 irrespective of prior motorsport success;
    4. The Ferrari-Bridgestone golden relationship loosing all value.
    5. Robert Kubica showing the value of determination and optimism.

    Game on...

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    Re: Things I look forward to in the 07' F1 season

    1. I hope to see that too
    2. lol, funny, but unlikely especially given #3 below
    3. This would actually be good. But... he is driving top level equipment with a top level team and the World Champion teammate who knows how to setup a car. His chances are pretty good for scoring well this year.
    4. Yeah, I was not a big fan of the tire wars. I want to see the best car win, not the best tires. Tires are boring unless they are on my car.
    5. Such an unlikely F1 driver. You have to love him for that. He is like a blue-collar F1 driver compared to some of the others. Humble roots with lots of determination, hard work and a healthy does of skill.

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