Now that I'm leaving to a foreign land, I must share with all those that are in need of a trusty mechanic in LA. They have serviced my e34 m5 for the last 7 years and they have always performed outstanding work. These guys are not even in the pages, they don't advertise due to the constant line of cars - all from referrals. They are two brothers, Alex and Reineer, who were once certified mechanics with Porsche and BMW and their shop is calles AR Motorsports on La Cienega.

I have been through an entire restoration of the suspension, brakes, cooling, fuel lines, filters, electrical, fluids, hoses and anything else that wears and tears. But what impresses me the most is that I even though I have spent $$$ owning my M for the past 7 years, I have not had to do any major work on the engine, trans, diff. I attribute this to the fantastic advices of AR. They EXPLAIN to you why and suggest solutions, not just tell you what's wrong. And by the way, they are fantastic at problem solving. They have a long list of tricks to get you on the road, get you back home in a breakdown and even offer a 24 hour emergency number to call. It;s almost tooooo good to be true.

There are other quality shops around and I see a few familiar names floating in this forum but if you needs are near La Cienega/10 frw, AR is superb! Go meet them, the condition of their shop will not impress you like AVUS but the quality of the brothers will.

I am in no way affliated with AR, just a happy / satisfied customer who wants to acknowledge and spred the word about good people who still care about their customers. I know how difficult it is to find quality these days, especially in the mechanic realm. Take my advice, you will not be dissapointed.

I have a pristine silver 91 e34 M5 with 259K miles to prove it!

Tell them the gentleman in the slv M5 sent you.


AR Motorsports