Hello -- as most of you know my M5 is back on the road after a lengthy head swap. It is running pretty darn well. Before all of my woes began, I had some power steering fluid leakage. I thought I traced it to a weak clamp and had it fixed. I have also replaced all of the front suspension, except the "center link" and steering and idler arms. I may have hit the "center link" with the tail of the transmission as I removed the engine to replace my crankshaft. I also have the style 32 e39 rims on the car with relatively new yokohamas.
My steering is kind of not so good. I have a slight shimmy at 50 to 55 and then at 65 all the way up it gets very imprecise and floaty. I feel like the I may have multiple problems going on, but can't pin point anything. These are all guesses -- the shimmy might be a tire problem. The imprecise and floaty feeling has got me slightly stumped. Could it be the power steering pump? I wonder if I let the fluid get to low when I had my leak...and I still have a slight leak I can't get under control.

any help would help me make the car a real joy again.