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    Karl Anders Oygard
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    Vibration damper with 60-2 teeth

    I'm in the process of rebuilding an S38B35, and will be running it with a different engine management system (probably Megasquirt). In any case, I don't have the gear box that belongs to the engine, so I need to mount a 60-2 trigger wheel on the engine.

    The vibration damper on the S38B38 is a 60-2 wheel, but is somewhat expensive. The later M30 also have a 60-2 wheel, but with a different serial number (11231722723). These are, however, easy to come by. Does anyone know if I can use the M30 vibration damper on the S38?

    Image of the M30 damper attached.

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    Re: Vibration damper with 60-2 teeth

    yes,you can use the M30 dampener, I grabbed one off an E34 528 for my project that is similar to what your doing. However there are other issues you need to consider. The 60-2 dampeners that ran an updated motronic with MAF metering are usually set (timing) to the 12th tooth at TDC. The issue with S38s is that the bracket for the crank sensor is off-set on the 18th tooth which is usually out of range of most after market engine management software.

    To solve the problem you can either modify the S38 crank sensor bracket by cutting and welding so the crank sensor sits closer to the centerline of the engine, or replace the front timing chain cover with one from the S38 B36 that already has the crank sensor mount at the centerline of the engine.

    Remember, the dampeners can only fit on the hub one way according to the dowel pin, and I'm not sure if the timing marks on the new dampener you get will be in the same position as the flying magnet type dampener from the B35 S38. So you should do some trial fitting to make sure you know exactly where TDC will be on the new dampener.., mark it, then record which tooth (leading edge)on the dampener aligns with the centerline of the crank sensor. The mega squirt manual should adress these points as well.

    The custom engine management system I'm using only allows you to set timing up to the 14th tooth, hence why I had to rework the sensor bracket. The front cover on the B36 is pricy unless you can find one on ebay. Or,you can take off your front cover and have a mounting piece fab and welded.., but really the front cover options are only practical if you are taking the engine apart.

    Other things to consider are...
    * Does mega squirt require a custom wiring harness ?
    * Will you need to eliminate the AFM ?
    * injector firing, phased sequential or full sequential ? The stock S38 harness is wired for Phased. Full will require a new wiring harness and cam sensor.
    * Coils.., are you going distributorless ?
    * Where to mount the new sensors, MAP, Air temp, TPS (the stock tps wont work),
    * If you going MAP where are you tapping your vacuum line from on the throttle body ?

    Anyway.., at the end of theday it's allot less trouble to just buy a rebuilt 280 trans from BMW. $3500 and your done. Then if you want to play with the engine management system and get your S38 to scream talk to Scottie on the Mye28.com board. He's got a nice MAF conversion kit.

    Email me if you want to talk.

    [email protected]

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    Re: Vibration damper with 60-2 teeth

    Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated! Out of possible interest to the group I'll reply here.

    Good point about the sensor position. At first glance, Megasquirt appears to have no limitations as regards which tooth marks TDC, but I haven't read it too closely yet.

    In either case, the engine is being rebuilt at the moment (I need the vibration damper now for balancing of the crank) because of bent valves, so I have some opportunities for making any needed modifications. If anyone has useful head porting hints, I'm very interested.

    Megasquirt is primarily a MAP system, so the AFM is no longer required. It doesn't do sequential yet, so I won't have to bother with that. I'll be reusing the stock harness and sensors, apart from the TPS. I'll rip the ECU connector out of a dead ECU that I have and hook up MS with that, and I'll see what to do about the TPS. MS allows you to use MAPdot instead of TPSdot, which I've successfully used on a Maserati project previously. TPSdot may work better, though.

    I won't be going distributorless to begin with, but will probably going wasted spark in the future.

    I'll be documenting the project as I go along on my E24 page.


    - Karl

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