Hello Guys and Gals,

the old girl is feeling a bit poorly. I left the keys in the ignition whilst parked on the driveway a few months ago and that flattened the battery (seem to recall there is an issue with systems staying alive and active with the key in position 1), but anyway a recharge got it sorted.

Since then the swine has done it twice more and this time with now keys inserted so I think the battery has given up the ghost? Or something is staying active on its own radio or the likes.

The software was last updated 8 months ago and that took 22 hours so it is not far away from up-to-date. And I have a December 2003 build date and I readily play MP3s in the DVD drive I have seen a lot of comments that some cannot but as mine is one of the first ever production cars, you would have to believe that they all will with the right attention from BMW.

I dont think any of this warrants a software update unless Cobradav can give me a good enough excuse to get them to do it within the existing warranty?

She had a new windscreen (wind shield??) last week having chipped it big time on the way home from a 250 mile Sunday blast in the winter sunshine.

Shes booked in for third annual service on 1st March including a statutory 3 year Government inspection (known as an MOT in the UK).

At the same time the vehicle inspection reminder is showing on the Service screen. I cant work out if that is the UK MOT inspection or something BMWish the car also needs.

The brake squeal is back as the wear sensors have come up proud of the brake material surface again. They have said they will look at the battery at the same time.

Mileage 22,500 which is low for 3 years. Still got 2 years free servicing to go but I will renew the warranty with BMW UK at the end of March which will cost a whopping 800 sterling ($1,500 dollars??) but I dont fancy nursing a big repair bill without it.

Enough waffle, I thought I would share a few thoughts with you as the boards have been quiet recently. I trust all are well.
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