I just bought a M5 after searching, off and on, for about 3 years. The car is solid mechanically and cosmetically, but, like any car pushing 20 years, it needs some tweaks and improvements. Any suggestions from the board on the following would be much appreciated:
l. Wheels - BMW or aftermarket. Especially sizes and offsets, recommended tire sizes,etc. Car currently has 16" Borbet 5 spokes that I do not particularly care for.
2. PO replaced radio with a decent Alpine head unit and Infinity speakers in the rear parcel shelf. Unfortunately, the right speaker is so deep that the installer had to pull back the wheel arch carpet and unbolt the gray tank (fuel overflow?) that is located just under the speaker. Any suggestions on speaker size and brand that will fit in this tight spot? Also, the Alpine unit looks out of place in the car - any recommendations for a CD player with a more stock look?
3. OE natur mats are no longer available, per local dealer. Any suggestions on supplier and color to match interior?
Thanks for any help!