Greetings; sorry I haven't provided recent updates. Well the engine is back together and in the car. Most of the waiting was a sudden absence of oil pumps and machine shop delays. My engine builder said the engine could have gone another 50k if piston rings on #3 cylinder didn't break up. He credits my meticulous maintenance and use of Mobil 1 for my engines trouble free miles (over 230k) I did make a few changes from stock and most of you will hate them, but they make me happy and that's all that counts at this point. So far I have spent $11,500.00. Let me know if you want breakdown of cost. I have a few pics to share. Still trying to get some compensation from the shop that left a shop rag in the oil pan after a routine pan gasket replacement. They actually suggested the rag was left in the engine at the M assembly line!