Hello, this is my first post.

My e28 M5 (145k) which I bought a month ago seems to be emitting unburned gases. My garage smells like an ether factory. I recently fixed a fuel line coming out of the fuel filter by the gas tank (no leaks)and replaced a "rebreather"??? hose from the airbox that winds its way down and to the left between the throttle bodies. I had to take all the "trumpets"?? off the throttle assembly to get my fingers under there. The throttle plates look a little carmalized and there was a dab of oil on each of the ports.

All but one of the rubber O - rings looked good. I cleaned the seats and lubed the o - rings with a thin film of oil before reattaching. I think I got the hoses pretty tight.

The car smelled rich before the work but I didnt think anything of it. Am I paranoid about missing somthing? yes? Could it be that I have a bad exhaust valve? I am not much of a mechanic but I try. I have pictures but I cant figure out how to post them. Guess I'm not much of a computer guy either.

Also I seem to have lost 1mpg since the work.

Any help is much appreciated.