Well, it seems there are some major clearance problems w/ my Racing Dynamics headers. header 1 (front for 1,2, & 3 cylinder is hitting the footwell. It cannot be fixed w/out major pounding of the floor or heating all 3 pipes and collector...bending, reshaping. Hooking up the Fahey track pipes pulls them down a little but my mechanic is concerned about stress on the header bolts. I have decided to uninstall them and go with the stock manifold. He is really against any after market headers and warned me they would not fit w/out major modifications. He actually already cut 1/4" chunk off the transmission tunnel to get the other header to clear. What amazes me is the headers fit just fine in my friends M6. I guess there may be major differences in the floor pan? Anyway, if anyone wants them for an M6 or M5, (will need to modify further) let me know. I found some factory headers at a shop in Frankfurt....about 2,000.00 Euros. Next business trip I may take them home.