I just received a 72 2002 from up north - mechanically in great shape, no rust, great interior, etc. It does need some little things like:

THe bumpers and grill were removed for a different look, I have them and want them back on.

The headliner and a cracked dash are the only negative on the interior, but I would like to look into replacing them.

Several interior lights don't work - e-brake, turn signal lamp is intermittent, etc. I would like to get this licensed for saily use, so I would need all this fixed.

The drivers door shuts occasionally and neither lock operates very well.

I would be open to recommendations on a good shop, or if there is someone out there who knows what they are doing and wants to make some cash, I am open to that. I hate sending cars to specialist shop purgatory. Let me know.

winstonbike - at - hotmail.com