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Thread: IE Greg...

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    IE Greg...

    You still out there?

    Haven't heard from you in awhile. Drop me a line.


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    Yes, Sir - are you here in SoCal?

    How are things going, my friend? What is new??? Are you living on the boat in Long Beach, or did you get the house in Highland?? Did you decide on which business to purchase??

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    Re: Yes, Sir - are you here in SoCal?

    Hi Greg,

    Not living on the boat... but it does make a nice weekender... fully furnished with all. Presently living in Highland, with the kids, new girlfriend. No imbibing about 10 months... THROUGH with that. Worked for awhile, then it didn't. Doesn't come with a guarantee...

    Attorney suggested to not purchase any business... with still being married and all...

    Waiting for a nice day so the car can be painted. All masked up... painted all the black stuff, looks nice. Not looking forward to figuring out where all the nuts and bolts go... hopefully the boys will help. And... hoping to have it back on the road within the next few weeks.

    Looking for work right now. Not easy given my previous employment. Many consider me overqualified... just want gainful employment to pay the bills and enjoy life, again. Finished with the race and chase...

    How are you? Still travelling? Still residing in the Inland Empire (Riverside, wasn't it?)?

    Drop me a line... [email protected] We'll have to correspond and stay in touch.

    Nice hearing from you. Chat with you soon.

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