I've read posts indicating that others have had success in installing the MOST iPod adapter. It sounded like a relatively easy thing to do in a 650i with MP3 capabilities.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the "remove glovebox phase". I've found a very detailied and well-pictured explanation of how to complete the install once the glovebox has been removed but this post did not inclued pictures of a glovebox removal that looked like my car.

If any of you who have done this upgrade can shed any light on the glovebox removal process, I'd really appreciate it. I've removed the two Torx 30 screws and the two phillips head screws on either side of the glove box, the 4 Torx 15 screws along the top edge of the glove box and 4 phillips screws from the kick pannel in the footwell, but I can't get the glove box loose. I assume there are