I am fairly unhappy with my transmission. The best way to describe it is when I pull away from a stop, it feels like an old automatic that low on fluid. The engine RPMs climb without the car moving much, and then it drops into 1st gear and gives you minor whiplash. I've had it to the dealer a couple of times and when I get it back it's better for a week or so and then the problem gradually comes back. I tried this method about a week ago and it fixed the problem, but now it's gradually coming back. I'd swear it's low on fluid, but the dealer says no. If not fluid, it seems to be some odd programming behavior in when the transmission downshifts. It must assume I want to start in second, but then just as I start to press the accelerator, it downshifts. I find myself hesitating every time I start from a stop just to avoid the whiplash thing. It's not 100% predictable, it's really bad maybe 1 out of 50 starts, medium bad 20 out of 50, minor 20 out of 50, and non-existant the rest.

I am REALLY hoping my 2007 doesn't exhibit this behavior. I won't let it continue with the new car...joe