In the May 07 issue of Grassroots Motorsports on page 35 there is the rather lengthy denial that the two BMW diesel powered E90 cars driven by "factory" driver Bill Auberlin and supplied by BMW but not Crewed by BMW directly paid crew men were not "factory" supported. Of course the "factory" Acura was different and surely their crew was paid by Acura directly. C'mon guys, we all know that BMWNA has to deny their support but of course all these sweetheart deals are out there, TC gets a lease deal from BMW Financial/NA, Willy T gets a ton of perks (and he should)and the mere association with a car magazine will get you a deal there too. Why doesn't BMWNA see what HONDA/ACURA, Mazda and other Mfg. see instead of these stealth programs that are not really very stealthy.