Hi everyone. I recently discovered this board as a followup to my new interest in the Z8. I guess I am in dream mode now, however, if the urge overwhelms me I just might push the sell button on my online stock account and arm myself for the big move. And would like to say that I appreciate all the informative posts here as they certainly have been helpful.

I do have a couple of questions that I hope someone here could give me some guidance on.

1. Being that I live in California, would the more stringent smog requirements here create a problem with buying an out of state car? And getting it smog certified here, any ideas on cost and/or whats involved?

2. EBAY seems to be competive. Certainly much better that Crevier BMW or other local dealer Z8's. Any thoughts here?

Thanks again.
Movin' up from a 73 911 ! Can't wait.