planning a remote mount turbo for my '95 540i. I want to run 7-8psi boost at first, and more if I can get it. More than that will no doubt require a good intercooler and probably alky injection. However, I don't think just going with a FMU will cut it at much boost. So, my plan is to go with larger injectors (probably in the 36lb/hr range) and make a larger tube for my MAF which has double the cross-sectional area so the stock ECU only reads half of the actual airflow. Since the injectors will be double the stock rating, I would think that the A/F ratios should be about the same as stock. Is my logic flawed with this? I know other guys have done this with other cars and it's worked well. Anyway, the only problem with this is that the ECU advances timing too far at part throttle because it thinks there's much less air going into the engine than there actually is. Since I want less timing at WOT anyway, is there an easy way to trick the computer into running less ignition advance at every point except idle? I suppose I could make a bracket which manually moves the crank sensor clockwise to retard timing, and that would retard the timing by that amount everywhere, right? I could live with that. My plan from there is to get a wideband O2 sensor and fine tune it with fuel pressure. Sound like a plan?