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    Opinions Wanted: Hoists ( 2, 4 Post, Mid-rise)

    Trying to decide on a hoist for my garage. Most work is wheels/brakes/suspension/oil/etc.

    Would love a 2 post, but can't afford the room. Got a narrow three car garage,and the posts would always be in the way.

    Options then are 4 post and mid-rise ("scissors").

    4 post would allow me to get full access under the car, and the drive on wouldn't be an issue as I'd put my summer-toy car there. But would have to jack up car on the hoist to do any wheel/brake work, and wouldn't the drive-on tracks still be in the way? And are the 4 posts units wobbly, and really intended for storage only?

    The scissors lifts are drive over, so not a problem when not in use. But can only lift to 48" (or 57") high, so can't get under. And you can't get around the middle of the car, since the unit is there. But all four wheels are free all the time.

    What has been the experience of you guys?

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    Re: Opinions Wanted: Hoists ( 2, 4 Post, Mid-rise)

    I got a 4-pole after I was sure I wanted a 2-pole.
    NOT WOBBLY at all...in fact, I kinda worried about 2-poles cantilevering out of the ground/cement.

    I put my floor jack on one of two jacking/utility plates (that slide fore and aft beteen the runners) and lift. Or I put my floor jack on a runner and lift at the body jacking points as though the car is on the ground. There is a hydraulic lift accessory that can do this.

    I started looking at 2-pole for this very concern (tire/wheel access), but found that the positives outweighed:
    no lag bolts in cement
    moveable with casters
    drip pans (for parking a car underneath)

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