Hey all,
Just got done doing the Evolution Autocross School today! Having taken the EvoI & II schools I was totally excited to take the Challenge school which included having the bottom of my windshield taped to totally obstruct my view of the first 60 feet in front of my car and having Mark Daddio, one of the top, top autoxers in the country do a few laps in my car and set a time for me to beat. People pushed hard run after run with cones flying everywhere but on one could beat the times he set in their own cars.

Anyway, one of the things we talked about was how tail happy my M5 is. While my suspension set-up is miles above what is was with the SLS system, I woudn't mind a little more grip in the rear for this season. Here's my current set-up:

GC Coilovers
Koni SA Yellows
450/350 lbs/in springs f/r
225/45 17 tires all around

My car is going into the shop on Monday to rework the front mounting points for the spring perches so I can get my car a little lower while also getting in some longer springs for more suspension travel. So, this is a great opprotunity for my to play around with spring weights and suspension settings.

What spring rates are you guys with coilovers running? Any thoughts on how to get a little more grip in the rear? Perhaps going to much heavier rear springs and ditching the rear sway bar?