Help. I have this message on my 05 645ci when I go into the display -- Service / Service Information screen: Data transmission fault 01/05/2007 10:53:05. I don't recall seeing this message on here until after the transmission "banged" like I was rear-ended when approaching a stop light this past weekend. I'm on CIP 22.x

I took it to the dealer and they stated on the repair order "Most Bus faulted performed test module for faults (not present - target configuration is incorrect. Performed configuration registry and cleared fault memorys per test module - rechecked operation and check control messages - ok"

When I go pick up my car the message is still there, yet they repaired/replaced somthing! They inform me that the message means nothing, its just a "log message". I ask them to remove it and they say they can't its the way it is." I inform them to reload the sofware and they tell me they can't do it without BMW/NA permission. Now I don't like errors, being a computer geek. Is this true and is there something else I can do?

'05 645ci, Mineral Silver Metallic/Cream Beigh Dakota Leather/Ruthenium Pearl Gloss Wood Trim, Cold Weather Pkg, Premium Audio Sound Pkg(Logic7), Sport Pkg, 6-speed Steptronic, Sirius Satellite Radio, Tinted windows, Star Spoke (Style #92),Hardwired Bell Pro RX65 Radar,T-mobile MDA BT/WiFi/PPC/Phone, custom sheep skin seat covers; Top speed 151mph <--handled like driving at 40mph :)!!