Purchased my first Bimmer (love the car) Four months ago,(97 528i Sedan E34 Automatic) had it Three days took it to have the windows tinted. When I went to pick up the car the key was stuck in the ignition. The shop refused to fix it saying it was not their fault. The key will turn to the off position far enough to kill the engine and turn off the displays but not far enough back to lock the column and remove the key. Anyway so far I have spent $78 for a new ignition housing and $250 to install it. $105 for a new tumbler and $45 for a new key (Dealer items). The problem persists. The key and tumbler (old and new) work fine when out of the housing but once installed back into the housing (old and now the new one) the problem is still there. I was told to check the shift cable. My mechanic says unless he is missing something or doesn't understand how it works that the cable that goes into the ignition housing does not push or pull anything, Pin, locking devise etc. The cable has a small plastic button on the end of it that contacts another small plastic button on the end of the tumbler. He has adjusted the cable, in and out moved the shifter in and out of park and the key remains stuck. he also has pushed on the button on the back of the tumbler, and the key still will not lock and release. Neither the button on the cable or the tumbler have any way of moving in or out. From what he can understand, by looking and working with it, the contacts on the end of the cable and on the back of the tumbler are to tell the shifter that the key is in the "on position" and can now be shifted into gear. I am about at my wits end trying to figure out how this happened and what is really the problem. I have called four BMW service depts and all four say they have never heard of such a problem. BUT "if I wanted to bring it in they would take a look at it." The closest is 65 mi away in Rogers AR where I bought the tumbler and key. I can not afford to spend any more money (especially at a dealer) on trial and error. I was hopeing some knowledgeable person or persons out there has had the problem and fixed it or knows what is wrong and how to fix it. Or enjoys a challenge to figure it out.
Thanking all in advance
1st Bimmer