Yesterday my wife and daughter were out in our 83 528e when she says she heard a pop and the next thing she knows, people are telling them to get out of the car, it's on fire. FD came, passers by brought extinguishers, and kept the fire damage under the hood. FD managed to destroy the fenders, hood, and hinges but at least the they saved most of the car. Damage is to the wiring (engine looks good), fuse box, FI components etc. If any one knows of a similar car the the greater Toronto area, let me know. This car is in as near to new condition as any out there, I maintained it like a fanatic but all modifications are oem e28 upgrades inc M5 sway bars, bushings,cluster, st wheel, shifter and bushings, upgraded brakes less than a month ago, ie: m5 suspension parts, lit switches, perfect leather, carpets just as new, you get the picture, The car is insuraed but I'm sure the insurance won't give me much. The don't see a nice car where every option works, (even my door handle heaters) but rather it;s a 24 year old car with 230,000 kilmeters. Heck, I was going to put on my brand spanking new summer rims/tires today. Ihad planned to take off the OEM BBs"S rim mounted snow tires, yes of course all four. Oh well , enough whinning, I would love to find a donor vehicle in the area even if the sheet metal is rough, what I really need is under the hood bolt on and wiring stuff. This car will probably end up with new OEM fenders and hood anyway.
Can't let a car like this die, one more year and it qualifies as an antique. It will rise from the ashes.