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    Irvine Dealer Nonesense

    Ok...so I appreciate that a dealer needs to make margin...but this is just sick.

    My car is in San Clemente and needs new tires. I figure since I am going to drive the car back across the country this summer or early fall I should have the OEM Run Flats installed. I check out what the Tire Rack price is to have a general idea about the price.

    They are aprox $320 for the rears and 280 for the fronts. BMW Irvine parts quotes me $500 for the rears and $400 for the fronts plus installation of course.


    I ask him about the pricing...he says well, these are certified by BMW, we can only buy them BMW. Well that is BS. Dealers can and do source from the TireRack or other sources. They dont buy tires from "BMW" Really surprising and dissapointing that Irvine BMW would not wish to be somewhat compitive and maybe have me bring my car into the dealer....maybe there was other service to be had, maybe there was a customer to gain....

    Must be too busy and flush with enough customers that they dont need to do much to intice.

    I did ask him if he was looking at the right price....he insisted that he was. I pointed out that I can get vastly different prices on the same parts from different dealers. He said that it is supply and demand....what? Why cant you pay a similar price for the same part from a BMW dealer nationwide?


    Well, I orered the tires from the TireRack...a very good tire dealer in Mission Viejo is installing them later this week.

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    Re: Irvine Dealer Nonesense

    I had the same experience with them. I ordered tires from America's Tire Comapny (part of Discount Tire Group) at the same price as Tire Rack, but tey installed them as well when I purchased the warranty ($30 per tire.

    Dealers generally are useless for anything other than warranty work

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