Ten days ago, we turned in our '04 645 Cic (April '04 build) and took delivery of a '07 650. Ordered it in mid February, first week of March '07 build. All of the documentation, including the supplemental quick start drivers guide, shows photos and discusses the Voice Activation / Voice Command button for the passenger along side the Menu button beneath the iDrive controller.

Apparently BMW decided it was no longer needed as our car does not have the two buttons side by side (Menu and the voice command button with the Icon).

The supplemental drivers guide was printed in February '07. The car was built in March '07. BMW says that this feature was removed starting with March '07 build dates. Hmmm... Guess the sales department didn't get the memo from the engineering department!

Anyone else out there with a March '07 build car confirm the now deleted feature?