So I am monitoring my oil consumption and yesterday on a 120 mile trip I lost approximately .5 quart. I drove fairly conservatively...highway driving. No hard accelerations, but I did cruise at 90 - 100 mph as conditions would allow. I have a small oil leak, but my exhaust looks clean after the car warms up. I have no real tell tale oil burning evidence coming out of the tail pipe. Generally the car runs nicely (except the sutter on de acceleration that still persists ... err).
Does anyone have any clues on this? It seems more than acceptable to me. I am hoping to do a 1000 mile trip next weekend and don't want to pack 10 extra quarts for the trip (but obviously will). I am running mobile 1, which some say sneaks past seals and such more than dino. Could this be it, or am I looking at more? Recall...I just put on a new head, but I am now wondering if the valve seals could be suspect because the head did still for a while before installation (though I lubed the hell out of it before my very gentle cranking session).