Hi folks,

1st timer here!

I'm about to take delivery of an '07 E90 and am going crazy trying to decide on which car stereo to install. My current Bimmer has an Alpine 3-CD in dash changer and and I'm running a V12 [?] Alpine amp into 4 top of the line Alpine speakers + sub - total cost was about $3.5k in 2000. I've been extremely please with this rig and now need something for the new Bimmer.

I would have liked to have gotten a hard drive based unit, but virtually all of the companies that were making these things a few years ago no longer are making them. I would also like to have a head unit that can handle SACDs (I have never had any luck with Sony products. All of mine have died prematurely, so that company is not an option).

Can anyone recommend a single-din head unit that can play SACDs? Is there a consensus on which company makes the best head units these days?

Thanks for any help you can provide!!