The Ultimate Test Drive rolled around to my local dealer, so I signed up for a 535iX wagon and the 650. I was pretty impressed with both cars. The 650 held way tighter than I was comfortable pushing it. The Sport button makes a huge difference in the car's personality. The throttle response, suspension, and steering tighten up with a nice whirring sound. We've all read that before, but I didn't know how big a difference it really makes. The 650 is really nice, but I don't think it's my kind of car. A little too GT cruiser for my taste, which is what it is supposed to be. I also felt that my old M5 was just as fun to drive, if not more, and cost 1/4 the price.

While the 535iX is also WAAAYYYYY too expensive, it is a superb car for hauling the family. With that car's driving dynamics, it totally dumbfounds me why anyone would buy an X5. There is even more interior space in the 5'er Touring than the X5. If I had the money, I would buy one (with a manual tranny of course).

While cruising down the highway at 80-ish in the 650, a couple pigeons flew in front of me and ever so gracefully slid/rolled up the hood and over the windshield. I don't know what it is about my driving, but I'm always hitting birds, especially when driving BMW's. Guess that's better than deer.

Still Dreaming of another e28 M5 (or Aston Martin DB9 with Prodrive mods),
Bob K.88 ///M5, RIP