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    Cadillac CTS

    Bought a 2003 Cts out of warranty and of course i,m having problems Tie rods went bad 37,000 miles Heater control valve bad 40,000 miles Then to top it off the transmission cooling lines stripped out at the raditor housing!! Didnt run over anything just blew out. Was just wondering if anyone else had any of these problems?

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    Re: Cadillac CTS 03

    I'am having a big problems with my cadillac cts 03. my car will turn off and it won't give me power. I have to turn it off for a few minutes and then it will give me power but it will start shaking and it will give me a push on first gear and secong gear. i change the throttle body and my pedal. please let me know if you can help me.

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