You are hereby notified of and invited to the 2nd Annual Fall BMW Dragon Slayers Meet and Drive of the Tail of the Dragon (ToD).

Official dates: 25-28 October
HQ: Gatlinburg, TN

Based on the great success we had with our first foray into arranging a “meet” the KOR Trinity of Gbelton (Duke Kewlfish, Lord of Ultimate Driving Machines), Boxboss (Sir Gofish, Duke of Corrugation) and Cobradav (Sir Launchalot, Prince of Electrons ) hereby invite one and all to our 2nd official Dragon Slayers event.

The event “Officially” runs from check in on 25 October, Thursday, to checkout on 28 October, Sunday.

Headquarters will be in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area.

Official ToD drive will be on Friday morning ending with a run of the Cherohala Skyway (CS). Friday afternoon is planned to do some group thing to entertain family members who do not wish to partake in our AGGRESSIVE drive of the ToD and CS. Saturday drive is planned to be a scenic drive (not AGGRESSIVE) for some sight seeing with all attendees that wish to partake. Sunday depart for home. I should add here that due to some addiction on my part, and perhaps that of other Knights in our group, I ( or we as the case may be) will slip in a day early (that would be 24 October – Wednesday) to enjoy another early set of runs on the ToD on Thursday morning. For those of you not experienced with the ToD, it is pretty jammed up on weekday afternoons and all day on weekends. Also the law enforcement becomes more active during those periods. It just is not that much fun under those conditions. ToD is 318 curves in 11 miles – loads of fun but only if not behind some RED SUV or PICKUP baestard. Generally speaking top speed is about 70 MPH achievable in just a few places. The CS, on the other hand, is longer and can be much faster. Speeds in excess of 120 are easily achievable.

Here is a link to the Tail of the Dragon for those unfamiliar with this fantastic stretch of US Highway. The roadway is well maintained with fresh paving on this past spring.

As always, we want a safe and uneventful (except for fun rides) experience so we will have driving rules and safety briefs for all drives.

We have been working off line on this so we do have tentative list of attendees, approximately 6-9 already. I won’t out them here, but let them tell their own story. Not all are b i m m e r f e s t members, but most are. We now open this up to all to join in, 6er or not, and let us know if you can join in on the fun.

The main lodging plan is to use Log cabin / Chalets as group housing method. A variety of 2, 3, 4 or even larger cabins is planned. We will not put more people or couples (or entire families as we do have some coming) in a cabin than there are bathrooms. For instance a 3 bedroom 2-bath would house two individuals or two couples. Those that do not wish to use this mode of lodging do not have to and can make their own arrangements. We will provide maps and meeting locations for those that lodge away from the main group OR of those that may live somewhat close and just want to jump in for the drives – that has worked very successfully as well. Just PLEASE let us know.

PLEASE: do make your commitment known early so we can make the lodging arrangements, if you intend or want to be included in the Cabin/chalet group. If you plan on making your own arrangements for lodging or do not require lodging please include that information as well. We will us PM to obtain email address so we can keep vital information off the public internet waves and keep you informed of progress.

PM me offline to get more info, add name to list, provide email contact.

For those that have never done the ToD I consider this better than tracking my car. It is loads of fun - we stay safe and have great time socializing.

Also more info here: http://www.b i m m e r f e s

I will also post our event on

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