I was met with some unexpected circumstances a few months back and found it necessary to trade in a vehicle in order to get more reliable transportation. A dealership in Ohio invited me to their showroom and I purchased a van. This was my first time ever to purchase a car out of the state of Michigan. The dealership gave me no options as to what vehicle I could purchase. I was presented with a Dodge Van, taken for a test drive gave a bumper to bumper description and landed at the desk of the finance administrator. They were very typical of any sales transaction, a price would be suggested, then negotiated with the manager then back to me. Because I had a balance on my trade in I expected my payment to be a little more than normal. I thought I covered all the bases by asking all the questions that I thought to be important. I asked about how I would go about changing the title from Ohio to Michigan and was told that it was an option. I would have to go to the Secretary of State and register the vehicle and get my plates established with a Michigan tag but that the title was optional. I took his word for it after all he was giving me the details of the transaction as we went along. At the time of the purchase I thought my transaction included tax costs for Ohio, it wasn't until I returned home and tried to register the vehicle with the SOS that I learned I had to pay the Michigan tax and register the van including the title which came to 1500.00. Of course I didn't have the funds to pay the SOS that day. I told the representative that I made the transaction in Ohio and thought taxes were paid thru the transaction of the loan. She informed me that I wasn't charged a Ohio tax because on the title it had NR typed in for non resident some where at the top of the page but close enough to other text that it did not stand out or define why it was there. I didn't know that nor would I have guessed that NR stood for non resident. I had to leave and tell her that I would have to come up with the funds. I called the dealership and asked why I wasn't made aware of the NR and the whole tax thing. Why I even bothered I don't know because they said they told me at the time of... I'm sorry but they didn't and my son is my witness he was with me throughout the whole ordeal. I was not told who the financing would be with - they told me I would get a letter in the mail it was then I found out the finance companies name Consumer Portfolio in CA. Since then I have not been able to come up with the money, and I was stopped by an officier for going 7 miles - and ofcourse he wanted registration info - which I could not provide - he was easy on me but still I was ticketed - In April I had to have eye surgery something I didn't expect and I had out of pocket costs plus I lost a whole week of work. I contacted CPS and told them in advance that I had surgery and I would be late in making the April payment. The representative sounded fair and understanding and said ok, however shortly after that the phone calls started on my phone, and I overly explained the circumstances and who I spoke with, --- calls at work - early morning --- I work for a religious community that should not have to be subject to rude and invasive telephone calls. They would not stop until I sent in some form of payment which was my first pay check after I returned to work. That left me with nothing for the remainder of the week and as soon as they received the payment they began to call about the next. Because of the time frame when I was off the next payment for May came due shortly after that. I had to pay my rent which is 900 and again I explained the circumstances I was under and would fulfill my obligation to them asap. I was only one payment behind and you would have thought I was six payments behind and choosing not to do anything about it. The car payment itself is 600.00 - so between my rent due the first and the car payment due the 12th - I need at least 1500 on hand to cover both costs. My budget was okay until I was hit with Michigan taxes and surgery. As it stands the car still is not registered in Michigan because the 1,000.00 dollars I was saving to accomplish that was used to make a payment in a half on the van or else they were going to send a driver to pick it up. I have never been in such demanding circumstances as I am now with this finance company. Before this purchase I never heard of CPS and I did go to their website and look it over after I knew they would be doing the financing but it wasn't until now that I discovered all the input and reports that has been registered with the BBB and with other web site links. Apparently they are notorious for the unruly behavior I want to say that I took what measures I thought I could within my reach to ask the Michigan SOS treasury in Lansing if I could set up a payment for the taxes and was turned down. I emailed Terry Lind the head of the SOS and she also turned me down for installment payments. I went back to the SOS to see if they would accept some type of payment plan and again no was the answer. Even today I received another call from SOS and was turned down. I am driving to work at risk because I cannot get this resolved and I am sure by now my license is suspended because the ticket was not taken care of. I am really stuck now and feel like I was taken for the biggest ride ever by both the dealership and CPS. I don't know what I can do if anything and I would be very grateful if anyone could help or suggest something that will address these issues - what happened to me probably happens to someone everyday somewhere and it is unfortunate.
Thank you in advance

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