Picked up my new M5 today and have a few embarassingly basic questions for the board..

There seem to be two reseviours next to the coolant expansion tank (one large and one small)... I assume one is washer fluid - probably the large one... What is the other one? Has some sticker on it for "concentrated cleaner" something or other... Headlight washer fluid perhaps?

Does anybody know how to change the check-control displays from German to English? (it's a euro-spec car) It's blinking Bishlighentfluten and Kabenstruselnachten or something to that effect... I assume it's telling me my washer fluid is low... See previous question...

What is the normal progression for oil pressure? Mine will start off at just over 50 and build slowly up to 70 or so - never going over half way on the gauge... Doesn't seem right - just curious what the behaviour is on other cars.

What is the "Exh Temp" light for?

Where is the sensor for the exterior temperature readout located? Mine seems to be disconnected...

What pin on the diagnostic connector needs to be shorted to reset the idiot lights? #7 Same as other BMWs?

What type of fluid for the Getrag 260/5 tranny? ATF?

What type/grade of fluid for the rear end?

Thanks in advance.