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    hiya - update on the 530d !

    Very very veryyy quite on this board!

    just wondering if Steve(UK) and any others who sorta kinda were on this board are still here!!

    Well update for my E39 530d Touring.

    1. Got it lowered
    2. New set of super nice priced 255/40/19 Toyo Proxes tyres all round
    3. Gearbox gave up - got it reconditioned
    4. Finally found a Genuine Touring M sport rear bumper and got it.
    5. Diffuser for the rear bumper on it's way from the USA
    6. I've decided on a subtle yet 'trick' styling option.
    7. Service time is due so may uprate things like the brakes.
    8. Couldn't get light smoke tints - already has Police 'spec' clear anti smash and grab film installed !

    1. I went with the same H&R springs that I had for my previous E34 525i Sport. These springs are utterly fantastic!! - ride quality is fantastic - some friends I know can't tell the difference as I didn't tell them it was lowered and they were surprised after riding in the car and me subsequently telling em! - standard shocks as these are 30mm all round springs - any lower and I think I would've changed the shocks too, but with this setup I'm extremely happy!

    2. 20,000 miles covered in about 11months, and the rear offside was on it's threads! I was shocked! looked at the other side and the inner had gone, front, well one was really low on the outside and the other was evenly worn with about 3-4mm left. Got a super price of £100 inc VAT for each new Proxes, and bunged them on and got a 4 wheel alignment done. kept one tyre as a spare. Drive is much smoother and sure'n'solid feeling again!

    3. Gearbox gave up! Arrrrrrgggh!! well, a feb 03 ex cop car that I got may 06 at 150K and then it failed at 171K it was semi expected!
    got quotes at like 1800, 2000, 2200 +VAT and I wasn't happy, then found a great guy in Acton called Automatic Man, who did an excellent job using BMW parts for £1475 inclusive. So back on the road again - HOWEVER one big problem! - as it's an ex cop car - it had of course been tricked so as to extract more performance. I got the car back from the gearbox guys and immediately the car felt slower and shift's were in different areas of the rev band! I called em up and they said after rebuilding they 'reset it back to factory settings' !!

    So the cops 'adjust' the gearbox settings in order to get more performance! and now I'm back to what I think is normal 3.0 litre diesel power/performance on my car! I did however notice that I'm now getting 2MPG better than before!

    I'm looking now to get a full re-map done again....

    4&5 - found a M sport genuine rear bumper for a tourng and won the auction! so all thats left is the side skirts and the correct foglamps to go in the front bumper and of course fitting and painting it. I ordered a diffuser from the US for it as the ones in the UK at specialists are at least £25-50 and greater more expensive, thats on its way over right now. I have a great contact for bodywork so he'll fit it all up.

    6. Watch this space for my 'unique' (ish) subtle styling idea that I want to go ahead with. I'm keeping quiet on this one until I can get it done!!

    7. Service time - so I'm thinking to uprate the front and rear discs to cross drilled items from German & Swedish - the Zimmerman ones. The ones I had on my E34 warped after some time - so I'm hoping these ones will last better - or, I might just go whole hog and order the EBC discs and Green Stuff pads - I'll see what the wallet it saying.

    8. Found out the car already has clear security film fitted all round - I had wanted a mid smoke tint all round - but alas it's not to be. However, I might be 'crazy' and swap all the glass with a car that's breaking so I can sell these off, and put it towards getting 'normal' glass tinted up - i'll see how it goes!

    Lower priority things are stuff like clear side indicators, clear front lens covers or complete units off a breaking car and lastly I want to somehow fit up some of my older In car Audio equipment. More on that later!

    I'll get pics again soon !! I have plenty of time seeing no one reads this board!

    Cheers! Dennis! West London UK!

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    Hello mate........i'm back as well with changes


    Glad to hear and hopefully soon see the 530d is coming along nicely........ shame and surprised to hear about the gearbox though. I'd guess it probably was treated extremely had serving as a police car and interesting info on the AGS map! I think I'd be tempted to get it altered back to a more aggresive shift pattern however with petrol prices as they are another 2mpg is a result!!

    Check out my post over on the main E39 board

    My post

    I'm back and better than ever thankfully though at times i was worried that I'd not be getting her back.

    09/97 528iA SE 5sp Steptronic
    Comos Black with Sand Leather Interior
    Full Alpina Body styling
    Full Alpina Suspension
    18" Alpina Alloys w/Michelin Pilot Sport 2ís
    AC Schnitzer Mirrors
    Shadowline Trim
    M5 Grills
    BMW Angel Eyes
    Clears all round
    Racing Dynamics Strut Brace
    RevHigh Motorsport CAI
    Neat Comm. Phone Console
    2002 BMW CD head unit that plays MP3s!! w/ 6CD changer

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