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    MAF's, RRFPR's, Signal processors? HELP!!!!!!!!

    I need some guidance with some problems I am having understanding the functionality and integration of these systems. I thought I understood all this but am having nightmares now its concerned with forced induction.
    To simplify things lets set the maths numbers as follows.
    I want to supercharge/turbocharge a 200bhp engine to 400bhp. ie double.
    My stock injectors flow 20lbs at 3 bar fuel pressure, so to get 400bhp I need 40lbs injectors at 3 bar. So far so good.

    I have a Mass Airflow meter with a 0 - 5V output.
    I therefore overfuel by 100% with 40lb injectors.
    If use a signal conditioner to halve the MAF output, ie 0 - 2.5V.
    ECU sees half the airflow, halves the injector pulse, so fuelling is correct again. So far so good again, I think!
    So now what happens when airflow increases to beyond the point where the MAF signal outputs 5v?(200bhp), Does it still increase to 10V which is then halved by the processor so the ECU adds fuel for 5V through the double sized injectors, or does it get to 5V then stop?
    I must be missing something really basic in understanding here as I see no actual functionality of the signal processor if it does not allow the extra fuelling.
    Could it be only used in conjunction with a RRFPR so that
    you double the size of the injectors, halve the flow by reducing the base fuel pressure accordingly, then add fuel with the fuel regulator pressure increase. You will still experience the MAF exceeding its 5V range beyond 200bhp will you not?
    Are these intended for use when you change the MAF for a much larger one, ie one from a stock 400bhp car that will give 0 - 5V over a 0 - 400bhp range of airflow and then use the processor for minor trim changes?

    Help me understand this before I buy some Carbs!!!!!!!!

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    Re: MAF's, RRFPR's, Signal processors? HELP!!!!!!!

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