Well, after more hours than I can count, I have completed the E-31
steering column upgrade with steering column and seat memory.
See photo below: (yahoo Group - bmwe34m5)

This started out as a desire to install a BMW 3-spoke air-bag steering wheel. I knew I needed to replace the steering column on my 1/90 M5 I just never knew it would take me here.

There are several parts of this upgrade that were time consuming. Beyond making custom wiring harnesses for the memory seat controller and memory steering column controller with body harness there was the the knee bolster trim modifications to accommodate the steering column movement and wider E31 steering column trim.
I wanted the upgrade to look as stock a possible - so I decided to just modify the stock knee bolster trim.
See photo below: (yahoo Group - bmwe34m5)

I purchased a spare knee bolster w/trim from the local dismantler
just incase modifying the first one didn't go as planned.

This upgrade included the E31 steering column memory module, E31/E32/E34 seat memory module installation with a custom seat harness and body harness made from 1994 E32 wiring harnesses. I also included the thigh support in the memory controller for full sport seat memory control.

I added the voltage regulator pots to my M5 seat motors (absolutely pristine interior) and modified the E32 seat harness.

I still have memory mirrors to install so I will have more to follow.