Just read in Autoweek that the e60 M5's are on sale with 3.9% financing. Me thinks the marketing department has run BMW amuck. The brain surgeon who thought a torque anemic, Everest reving, sensor over-laden V10 was a good idea for the street should be fired. Once the euphoria of stomping on the gas wears off and the reality of commuting in that thing comes crashing down, the e60 M5 is no more fun to drive than a Camry. Worse actually from what I have heard since the SMG trans "trailer hitches" like a bucking mule. Torque is what you need for real world driving, and the e60 M5 has none. I got laughed off the e60 M5 board for suggesting the Cadillac CTS-V to one of the guys who couldn't tolerate his M5 anymore. Well, the V will kick the M5's tail pipes off the line, and the brakes and steering are truely world class with no electronic gizmos between the wheel and the road. I drove a V for a very short ride around the block and loved it. That rear end made of glass though would keep me from buying one. The thought of dropping another $8k for a custom built rear doesn't make much sense to me, but then again it's still 1/2 the price of an e60 M5.

Bob K.88 ///M5, RIP