Hello everyone
I am in need of a place that i can part out my 1994 325is. I am in the Navy, and they will not let me do this kind of work here on base. I am willing to pay if you want. A garage, a drive way, a peice of grass to work on, anything. My car was rear-ended on June 3, and was announced as totalled a week later. I called around to local parts shops, and they are wanting to give me only what the salvage value is. Which is $750, but I can get a lot more money out of it if I part it out. I am getting married on August 4, 2007 and I need every penny I can get. The insurance company already left me short $400. They only payed off what they thought the car was worth, while I still owed more than that. So that had to come out of my pocket, which wasn't nice. Anyways, if you would not mind, that would be greatly appreciated. This will be a weekends only project, unless I have duty on the weekend, which I can work around anyways. My contact is 847-302-0200, my name is Adam. If you want, email me at [email protected]

I appreciate it