Ok. Had a '90 e34 525. It died and I happened to have a rebuilt started for it laying about. Around the same time the '02 starter died. I checked the fitting etc. and they matched up pretty good. I slapped it in and it worked beautifully for 2 weeks. Then it seemed to die. The startered would just spin and not engage. I pulled it and checked the teeth on the starter and flywheel and both seemed OK. Auto store checked it and the starter was fine but I kindly explained my situation and got another 525 stater. Worked beautifully for 2 days and then same thing...just spins like a top without engaging.

QUESTION - Am I off my rocker to put this starter in the first place? Is it just that the teeth do not line up correctly? Should I just bite the bullet and get the e30 starter (PLEASE - any other starters you could recommend would help). Is it just the off chance of getting 2 crap starters?

Please let me know as I'm dying to get it out again. I sweat a gallon pushing the car this morning the jump it off. Wasn't a hill in site and I looked like the cast of "little miss sunshine" pushing the bus.