I have an 06 650I convertible. I am reluctant to drive it anywhere where I might have to park it on the street, squeeze into a parking lot, expose it to a valet, leave at the airport, etc.

Until just a few days ago, I had my '99 540I which I used for all the above "dangerous" duties. But the 540I has bitten the dust and is no longer available (a whole other story).

Maybe I just have to get over it. But, I just don't want the inevitable door dings, and bumper scratches, etc. that come along with life in a metropolitan area.

The 650I normally lives a pampered life, cosseted in the garage, and venturing out when I know I won't be facing the above problems. I live in the country but commute into a congested city area.

So, I could get another cheaper car just for these occasions (but who wants to drive an econobox), or I can drive my truck (not great for tight parking lots or the city).

Do many of you use your 6er's as a daily driver, and in an urban setting?