I am a car salesman for a cadillac dealership in Idaho. I had a great opportunity to go to Tacoma Washington to drive numerous vehicles, one being the new 2008 Cadillac CTS AWD with over 300 hp. One word amazing! The handling, the ride, the features awsome. I know I previously said I was a car salesman this has nothing to do with saling just having to do with being an avid Caillac fan. This new product will appeal to young and old, I highly recommend you to research this vehicle. One of the many great features in this vehicle is you can pause live radio and play it back at any time, it's like a tivo for your car. It also has a harddrive that stores up to 6,000 songs off your MP3. It also has a pop-up nav screen, that looks classie, and a body style that will show luxerie. This is my two cents.

Joshua Durr