Calling all who expressed interest in attending the Labor Day weekend Vintage race weekend hosted by BMW and Rolex at LimeRock Park CT.

Let's try to get a good number of those who are coming.
It would have been too crazy to assume a head count to be able for me to purchase tickets for everybody ahead of time as I never really got a feel of who wanted to attend and if the number fell short of 25, there wouldn't be a discount for a group. That's ok as I think it's better to ask you to purchase your own tickets as you know what days you are planning to come/stay anyway. Again, the 4 day weekend starts Friday,Aug 31 thru Monday,Sept 3rd. I am planning to camp there Sat and Sunday night. My plan is to get there Sat, and stay thru Monday.

The Plan:
Travel: For those coming from the West,south ie; NJ,NY,PA, a meeting place could be set up ,say, at a diner off of RT 84 in Danbury and caravan together up to Limerock. Takes about 45min from the Danbury area with a scenic drive. For those coming from MA, RI, it would probably be easier to just meet there since Limerock is in Northwest CT.

Accomodations: As mentioned, there is overnight camping for the adventurous, right at the Park. Otherwise there are some local Inns
and motels.

Fun Stuff: On Sunday, there is no racing but instead, a super Classic car show right on the track . I thought it would be nice to enter our cars and be part of it. C'mon, get er shined up!
I have a friend who knows somwone at the local winery that has Sunday afternoon wine tasting. A short drive from the race Park. A real nice place and a great diversion.
Of course, dinner on Sat night and Sun night would be nice.
Monday is the big race day so a hearty breakfast is in order (can you tell I like to eat) and some serious race watching and strolling through the Paddock conversing with the race drivers and smelling the sweet smell of fuel and CAM2!

Please email me offline so I can get a head count for both a number for how many to expect at our gathering place and the winery would like to know an approx number too. Cell phones would be a good thing to know or at least mine make sure we can coordinate.

Tickets can be purchased on line at the Limerock website
or at the door (costs more). There is a package deal for so many days or individual by day.

Thanks all,