Ok guys, round two…The 5 series “Generations” meet has officially been set! Much like the last meet, we will be at the same location in Fort Lee, NJ. People should start rolling in at 1030 - 11 and can come and go as they please. There will be food at the event however, this time around there is a $10 charge up front. Last time we had a few people eat and not pay (probably wasn’t intentional) and neither I nor Dan want to come out of pocket for food. I decided that it was easiest to meet in Fort Lee because of the huge space and easy access to everyone in the Tri-State area. We toyed with the idea of doing the meet in Brooklyn at a fellow 5ers shop but it is far to complicated so we are just going to stick to what we know.

This time around I, along with numerous other members, have put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that we have more then just e39’s there. The purpose of the “generations” meet is to have a good time, but we would definitely love to see 5ers of all time periods show up! Name tags will be provided to make things easier.

Location:Ross Docks, Fort Lee, NJ (right under the GW bridge)
Date: Saturday, September 22nd.
Rain Date: Sunday, September 23rd[/COLOR]
Time: 1030 to whenever we are done
Drive: Yes, this one will be planned a little better and will be worked into the schedule so people with obligations that same day can work around it if they want to go.
Food: Yes - $10 cover charge
Raffle: There is a relatively large chance that there will be a raffle of some sort. It won’t be anything extreme but we are definitely working on making this happen.
Directions are being worked on by Dan and we will be created to avoid as much confusion as possible. I really hope we can get a larger presence of cars and people this time around, and hope to see as many of you come out as possible! It’s time to put even more faces to forum handles!

-Dan will have a jack and a tool set at the meet so anyone with tech questions or knowledge should definitely come on out!

-I will have my camera handy and will be better prepared to take photos this time around (it was way to hot last time!). Anyone interested in doing a shoot while we are there can speak to me at the event. My photography skills are far from phenomenal but I enjoy the hobby and will do your car justice!

Family and Friends welcome. Feel free to PM or email me with any questions/comments/suggestions.
Click picture for link to a complete album and comments from the previous meet in August:

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